I am Sick :( By Jhon Jammy

Hi all viewers, sorry but, I am sick. ­čśŽ I know it is headaches and they are because it is┬áreally┬ábright so I have all of the┬ácurtains┬áclosed and the computer and my phone plus the T.V. on low brightness. Its so dark in my home but if you go to my school let me know what I missed in the comments. Thanks for viewing Canadian Bacon Blog!



Hi!!! We have an announcement to make today! So far we have had 870 views for this blog and I’ve decided that when we get our 1000th view, we will do something very special! And, from now on, we will start giving shout outs to our commenters and their comments!!! So if you want a shout out, comment and we will!!! Tell your friends about oour blog so that we can get 1000views!

Bye! Miranda Mcmuffin

My weekend!!! Jhon Jammy

Hi everyone, so this weekend is one of my best. We went camping in the snow and it was cool! We slept in a cabin owned to Scouts Canada. We all had a snowball fight and my friends used a SHOVEL and flung the snow at our fort and us!!!! Then I got snow in my ear and it was COLD!!!! We all slept in the same area (includes the guys and the girls in the same area) and the leaders where downstairs and one of the leaders snored like a mountain lion and that is when I freaked out! Then one of the guys woke us up at 6:00 A.M. so I was TIRED and I tried to fall asleep again but the next thing you know it was 8:00 and I had to go down to make breakfast!! Well that was the highlights of my camping trip.

Jhon Jammy