Topics for my story!

Hi guys! I was bored today so I decided that I was gonna write a story! i didn’t have an idea so I thought I’d ask you guys! So i will be putting a new poll on our voting page today! So comment and vote for an idea for my story! Voting starts today, and ends on April 20th, a month for you guys to give my ideas and to vote for ideas! When I finish the story, i will post it on the blog.

`Miranda Mcmuffin



Hi it’s Miranda Mcmuffin and I’m so sorry we haven’t done the special thing for our 1000 views yet but me, Jhon, and Clhoe have been a bit busy lately. So stay tuned for when we do havae the “special thing!” It couold be today, tomorrow, or any day!

Keep comeing to Canadian Bacon Blog and we will make you happy!

~Miranda Mcmuffin