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u no the last post i did? It was supposed to be #14 not #15. whoops sorry!


Random thoughts #15 By Miranda Mcmuffin

Hi guys1 Sorry I haven’t done a random thoughts post in awhile, but lately i have been kinda busy with school and other stuff. So has anyone donated to our gofundme system? You dont have to, it is just there if u feel like u want to help support our blog. anyways, Lately i have been eating kinda unhealthy so i am trying to eat more vegetables. Kinda hard because most of the time i let my taste buds win over! 🙂 did u know that just got a new phone? Of course u dont! How would u know! So today i went to Playland and it was AWESOME!!! Ate so much junk food, but had so much fun! chloe and Jhon came with me, but jhon didnt go on a lot of rides. was he chicken? jk. Maybe we should ask him why he didnt go on many rides today? what evs. post ya later! 

Miranda Mcmuffin