Special Announcement!

Canadian Bacon Blog is very happy right now. We have just found out that Canadian Bacon Blog will become its own domain so our new address will become canadianbaconblog.com so it will not have wordpress. We also might be able to have a emails that you can send to us for example jhon@canadianbacon.com or miranda@canadianbacon.com so we will start to get to work on all of that so brace yourself as this will all change in August so be ready to put this in! We also need you all to advertise our blog. Make posters and make banners and tell your friends. If you do, you will be awarded some money and gifts complementary of Canadian Bacon Blog. So start printing those posters and start going around town putting them up. If you see a poster just think of who might be winning!

Signed Canadian Bacon Blog
Jhon Jammy
Miranda Mcmuffin
Chloe Cuppycake


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You can make us feel loved.... or make us feel Lonely... Your choice

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