The New Royal Baby by Jhon Jammy

YAY!!!! The new royal baby was born yesterday in the United Kingdom! Im so excited that it’s a boy! There will be a new section for a contest for a free shout out if you can guess what the new baby’s name should be. If you guess right you get a shout out. Make sure to go to guess a name!


Hi By Jhon Jammy


So I was looking around for thing that are trending currently and I came across a trend about poems. So there will be a new page about poems! It will be up soon!


A new trend I found was Personal Experiences! That will be up soon too!

Chloe Cuppycake

Hi guys it’s’ Miranda Mcmuffin and just to say Chloe isn’t technically leaving the blog she might be able to post from her own computer from where she’s moving and we are very sad to hear that she can’t stay longer or forever.

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Hello viewers,

This is a very sad story about one of us. Chloe Cuppycake has left our city. Miranda and Jhon are both very sad that she had to leave. We will all wish her good luck in her new home. Please leave a message for her in the comments. We will miss you Chloe!

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