Random Thoughts # 17 By Miranda Mcmuffin

hi I went to see a movie last week! It was really good. and now Im on a three day vacation visiting my cousins, aunt, and uncles! RIght now I’m watching Sherlock Holmes. The volume is really low. La, la, la. Bye! : )


Random Thoughts #16 By Miranda Mcmuffin

Hi ppl! Sorry I haven’t really posted in a long time I’ve been just a little busy during summer lately. Right now I’m eating Lays potato chips, and I’m wearing blue. Blue is one of my favourite colours, but I actually like all the colours of the rainbow and pink and gold and silver and stuff. I don’t like the colour grey that much though. I really want a furry pet to play with for when i get bored. And I think we all get bored sometimes. How’s your summer? Comment!