Merry Christmas

From everyone at Canadian Bacon Blog we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Happy Holidays!! 🙂


Random Thoughts #19 By Miranda Mcmuffin

G’day, mate! Well no, not really, now it’s more like afternoon-ish time but what evs. I gave you guys an Australian greeting! Jhon Jammy was just at my house and he was being really crazy and he was turning the lights on and off and on again. It was so weird and we were laughing really hard. And we just stole oranges! 3 of them. Technically it wasn’t stealing more like taking without asking. but there wasn’t any rule that we couldn’t! They tasted good. 

See ya! ~Miranda Mcmuffin

Hello Everyone!

Just to announce we might be getting lots of new members to our blog soon! We will keep you updated and they will be revealed later this month! Sorry about not posting more often… 😦 I had lots to do. See you later! Well… not see but you will see the post… Nevermind… Bye!