Random thoughts #22 By Miranda Mcmuffin

Heyo!!! So today I had my friend Lucie over, and we went to the library together (such normal teenagers) and then we went to get butter beer frappacinos at Starbucks (this is normal for teenagers). It was soooo sweet, but like soo tasty! =D Then we came back to my house and did random stuff on the computer like searching up music and stuff like that.My friend said that when your tongue stings from eating pineapple, it’s because it’s biting you. I don’t really believe her but whatever how would I know. I have a song stuck in my head and it’s a really weird song. You wanna hear a weird dog? Go to Youtube and search up tfios swedish hip hop. #Bomfalleralla


3 responses to “Random thoughts #22 By Miranda Mcmuffin

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