Monthly theme list~Miranda Mcmuffin

Hay! (is for horses) today is my post for the monthly theme list! The theme this month’s Outdoor activities. And i don’t know wth I’m supposed to post for this, but I went camping!!!! I like camping if you didn’t know. But unfortunately I had to leave a day early. (Thanks mom) But i might go camping again this summer!! I will probably go swimming to in the summer months. Good bye!


Chubby Bunny! ~Miranda Mcmuffin

Today I did chubby bunny with my friend Yuki! We were on the computer, and then I was like, hey, ya wanna do chubby bunny? And she was like, yeah sure! So we went to the store and bought marshmallows and did it! I can only fit like 4 marshmallows in my mouth. 😦 so ashamed. Yuki can fit 8. Well it’s not my fault that I’m small!