About Us

We are a group of 4 who post a lot of random things when we feel like it. We change the subject every month. We will have another page that will tell you our monthly topics. Please leave reply at any time and now here are the individual Interviews!!!


Jhon Jammy
Hi,my name is Jhon Jammy and I love to blog. I like to go camping, hiking, swimming, kayaking, canoeing , play computer games, socialize, go on lots of different runs, and eat candy!  I also have a page called Jhon’s Fun Pics and on there you can vote for which one is your favorite for the month. We please ask for no hater comments because that forced Melissa to quit the blog. Enjoy our blog and visit often!


Miranda Mcmuffin
Hi! I’m Miranda Mcmuffin! And I’m totally awesome!!! I hope you guys think that too after you check out our AWESOME BLOG!!! This blog is really cool and were gonna do some really random fun stuff on this blog, so, yeah.  I also do funny pictures for you all to see! I really hope that you guys like this blog that we  created because it has a really awesome name. Me: Imma bookie, I love candy, and food, (except for black food) and I and weird in a good way. I am pet-less, and I live right beside my school. (convenient much? 😉 )



Jessie Jellybean

Is a girl ~Miranda

Friends with both John and Miranda, has puppies (unlike poor pet less Miranda) and she bakes stuff. Plays soccer and does swimming lessons. ~ Miranda



You can make us feel loved.... or make us feel Lonely... Your choice

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