Anti-Bullying Campaign

Yes we are all against Bulyiyng here on Canadian Bacon!!! We all are apart of Pink Project witch is against Bulyyling!!! We also have pics of all of the shirts we have for Pink project. The first one we were at that school but our teachers did not participate. Please watch the videos and Tell us a campagian idea for Anti-Bullying!!




The Original Pink project Video at Oakridge Mall!!!


The one shot in 2012 at Creekside Community center!!!


The one shot in 2013 at The Vancouver Giants Game


The 2014 one is here! Once again it is at the Giants Game!

2015 one coming soon!

Please comment on your Bullying problem and we can help you!!!!!


4 responses to “Anti-Bullying Campaign

  1. I have always been bullied at school and my friend who is always so nice says ‘Pick on someone you’re own size!” Well they always find me when i’m alone and I can’t tell a teacher because they think i’m able to solve my own problems!! Tell me what to do Jhon, Miranda, or Chloe???? ;(

  2. If it’s that bad then tell the vice/principal about it. if they say you can handle it by yourself, tell your parents and they might do something about it
    From, Miranda Mcmuffin

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