Welcome By Jhon Jammy

Give a warm welcome to Jessie Jellybean everyone! Be nice!


Happy April Fools Day! By Jhon Jammy

I wanted to play a prank on you guys so bad today but sadly April Fools day is over 😦 But next year remember!
Claire, Miranda, Alice, Jeannette, and I all played a prank on a bunch of people with Oreos! We took out the cream and put toothpaste inside the cookies and gave them out. Everyone was mad but it was a good prank. Are teacher didn’t eat it but she said she did and got us to cough up the details lol. She gave us 2 tests, 1 that was on our desk in the morning, and the 2nd one was to some people, and the 3rd one was also to some people. Comment what you did! :mrgreen:

Acceptance By Jhon Jammy

So guess what! A new flash mob has been released on YouTube and it is sooo good. This time Miranda and I were not in it this year cause are teacher got us to vote and the answer became no. Make sure you share this video to friends and family!

Also if you are trying to watch it on a mobile device it may not work.
Song: Shooting Star by Owl City
Anti Bullying

Hey guys! By Jhon Jammy

It has been so long since we posted so I decided to do one.

I have been at my home for a long time until my dad showed me this awesome video of 2 cellos. I of course loved it cause I play the cello myself. Check out the video and I will be updating everything and we might get 2 new members soon! Con’t wait! 🙂


Hello Everyone!

Just to announce we might be getting lots of new members to our blog soon! We will keep you updated and they will be revealed later this month! Sorry about not posting more often… 😦 I had lots to do. See you later! Well… not see but you will see the post… Nevermind… Bye!