Help and FAQ’s

So you clicked on the Help Button, That’s OK! We will tell you the FAQ!!!

  1. How to Post a Comment

So you just click the little button that says “post Comment” it will now ask for your email your name and there will be a bigger box closer to the top. That’s where you type in your Comment, Now you hit the Post Button and it is now pending. We will then approve it and it will be there forever!!!◘◘

      2. How to get to the Home page

So all you have to do is just click on the on the Home button at the top witch automatically takes you there!

3. How do you like a page or a post?

You go to the bottom of the page or the post that you want to like and ther will be a “like” button. You simply click on it and it will show that you liked it.

4. Do you have shout-outs on this blog? Can we ask for one?

Yes, yes we do. By commenting, type your name and then type that you want a shout-outand one of us will probably give you shout-out in one of our posts.


2 responses to “Help and FAQ’s

  1. …………….you dont know how to make a home page???????
    and i think you mean click on the big header that says canadian bacon blog

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