Our Advice Column


Hi guys this is our advice column where you can ask us for advice about friends, family, etc…
BTW, you cannot ask us any personal questions. This advice column is about YOU!!!!!!!
So ask us for any advice about anything by commenting, and we’ll comment back!
You can address the question to any one of us, or all of us!

From, Miranda Mcmuffin


7 responses to “Our Advice Column

  1. Dear Miranda,
    I have problems at home with my family we can never get together at night and we just sit or go into our rooms but my brother comes and then I have to go to bed what should I do Miranda???


  2. Ask your parents if they want to watch a movie/show or play a game with you. If they say no, then just keep trying. If that doesn’t work, ask your friends or john or melissa.
    From:Miranda Mcmuffin

  3. Um can u help me with something…. my mom and dad want to give me the talk and I am nervous. What should I do

    • well depends if your at the age of about grade 5 or 6 because of you are your gonna get it anyway. If you dont want to hear at school from the school nurse then say yes. however, if u r not at that age yet, politely decline.

      • Hank Oltu, we go to school together and we r 17 I think ur young if u get that now. Lolz if u want me to tell you here tell me that!!

  4. My BFF is dating this guy and thats all she thinks about. How should i MAKE HER UNDERSTAND THAT SHE ISN”T THAT GRATE?

    • try and tell her that if she still wants you as a friend, she should talk to you and think about him less. Or try talking to the guy she’s with.
      Hope it helps, Miranda Mcmuffin

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