Random Thoughts #21 By Miranda Mcmuffin

 I passed by a house one night, and I heard this super creepy sound that was probably wind chimes, but it also could have been a ghost! Oh by the way, on Saturday night, I had a sleepover with 2 of my friends, and we watched a horror movie! It was Paranormal Activity 4, and we all thought it was going to be super creepy, but none of us screamed and we all agreed t wasn’t as scary as we thought it would  be. Which is interesting because I ‘m really not a horror movie type of person ya know. Kids, never eat celery and then brush your teeth. #disgusting!


Homework Overload! ~Miranda Mcmuffin

Arghhh! I have soooooo much homework due this week, most of which I haven’t even started! And yes, I am a procrastinator. Oh well, at least I’m doing it now. Actually, no I’m not, I’m typing this post right now. WEll, at least I tried. Sort of. Nevermind. On a totally unrelated matter, does anyone what the root word of amendment is??? Oh no just kidding, total kidding! I’m eaten chocolate covered berries. #yum

I got a new book!!!! By Miranda Mcmuffin

Big news guys, big news!!! I just bought a new BOOK!!! It’s called frostbite and it’s the second book in the Vampire Academy series! The first one is uber good, and I’m totes gonna read the rest of the series, and the other series by Richelle Mead! Oh and BTW, it’s the Vampire Academy series, by  Richelle Mead, and I definitely recommend it! And if you people didn’t know, I LOVE BOOKS. Like, I seriously love books. I read all the time, and I read more, and I hope I get at least 5 books for my birthday this year! And like, 100,000,000 tops, ya know. Anyways, Spring Break just ended last week, and i quite enjoyed sleeping in and reading and eating and what not. so, comment how your Spring Break was! (you don’t have to, but comments make us feel loved)

~Miranda Mcmuffin

Happy April Fools Day! By Jhon Jammy

I wanted to play a prank on you guys so bad today but sadly April Fools day is over 😦 But next year remember!
Claire, Miranda, Alice, Jeannette, and I all played a prank on a bunch of people with Oreos! We took out the cream and put toothpaste inside the cookies and gave them out. Everyone was mad but it was a good prank. Are teacher didn’t eat it but she said she did and got us to cough up the details lol. She gave us 2 tests, 1 that was on our desk in the morning, and the 2nd one was to some people, and the 3rd one was also to some people. Comment what you did! :mrgreen: