Our Story

This is how it all started… It all started on a regular Tuesday! It was the morning and I (Jhon) was inspired by http://crystallyrablog.wordpress.com/ and thought I should make a blog but I did not want to do it by myself so I messaged Miranda”Do you want to start a blog with me?” She said yes so we started thinking about what we should have it on. I suggested WordPress and she thought that could be a good idea. But I thought that Melissa (former member) should join our blog. She wanted to join! So we had to think of a name for the blog. We found one out of over 20 here are some of the examples…

> Golden Penguins
>Circle Squares
>Square Circles
> Surfing Penguins
>Canadian Bacon (our blog’s name)

Shortly after that we figured out that it should be… Canadian Bacon Blog. Shortly after we got hater comments… Looking at you all… Melissa quit due to the hater comments but we found a new person named Chloe Cuppycake and we all blogged nicely and enjoyed everything we do on the blog. Except for the fact that now she’s gone! (that means she moved and she forgot her user info)  😦 *sniffle sniffle, cries in the background* But the good news is we got  new members!: Claire Choclate, and Jessie Jellybean!

Hope you enjoy our blog!


p.s. JK it will continue


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You can make us feel loved.... or make us feel Lonely... Your choice

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